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Program Model

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Bundles of Books gives books to children, resources to teachers and training to parents. Bundles of Books identifies a needy community and provides children at local schools and in the neighborhood with backpacks (bundles) of their own new children's books.

Books are provided in the child’s primary or secondary language. For teachers, Bundles of Books provides literacy resources and a literacy training program that emphasizes increased use of books. Literacy resources include the establishing a classroom or community library, providing teacher supplies and distributing literacy learning materials. For parents and caregivers, we provide training on how to read with children, even if they themselves cannot read. Parental involvement is essential in increasing a child’s academic success.

Recent research finds, “Involvement with reading activities at home has significant positive influences not only in reading achievement, language comprehension and expressive language skills, but also on pupils’ interest in reading, attitudes towards reading and attentiveness in the classroom". (Gest, Freeman, Domitrovich, & Welsh, 2004).

Bundles of Books believes that literacy is a prerequisite to learning as well as a means to changing a child’s life. As a United Nations report notes, “Literacy is an indispensible means for effective social and economic participation, contributing to human development and poverty reduction.”  At Bundles of Books we believe an education that supports literacy is essential to enriching the future of the world’s most valuable asset – our children.

Bundles of Books was founded on research-based principles built on the value of books and of literacy in the lives of children. Bundles of Books believes that books are essential to learning. Books are easily shared and transported.

Industrialized nations have benefited from books for many years. Books have educated us and enriched our lives. Developed nations are fortunate to have an abundance of books. Bundles of Books believes that sharing these rich resources can educate and enhance the children of developing nations.

Book programs in the United States have demonstrated that exposure to books and reading early in life ”…increases the probability of healthy child development and decreases the chance of school failure.” Nobel economist James J. Heckman (2004) has stated that “it is important to start early (with children) to increase the productivity of our work force because skills beget skills and learning begets learning.” His work shows that economic return on dollars invested in early education are as high as 15-17% per year – higher than other traditional economic development strategies.

Other book programs have concluded “…young children need rich and diverse reading materials to acquire the complex set of attitudes, skills, and behaviors associated with literacy development.” (Russ, S., Perez, V. Garro, N., Klass, P., Kuo, A., Gersun, M., et al., 2007).